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Notetaking Solutions Ltd., was established in 2005 by professional notetakers Liz O’Sullivan and former business partner Rose Quilter, both qualified Communication Facilitators/Electronic Notetakers.   Liz has been working with people with disabilities in both professional and academic settings throughout Ireland since 2001.

Liz is a qualified trainer, and with years of experience behind her, has designed the NTS Electronic Communication Course, Electronic Notetaking Course and Disability Awareness Course to train her own team of Communication Facilitators and Electronic Notetakers.

NoteTaking Solutions professional team of  Communication Facilitators/Electronic Notetakers is specifically trained in précis and summarising techniques in order to reproduce accurate and good quality notes. All transcripts and notes are then customised to suit each client’s disability.

Our Communication Facilitators/Electronic Notetakers have also acquired the skill and flexibility to work with clients with differing needs in a variety of settings and in association with other professionals.  Why not let us povide the solution to your notetaking requirements.   We look forward to hearing from you.

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Liz O'Sullivan

Working with students with disabilities over the past few years has made me focus on a person’s ability and not disability. I find this work very rewarding knowing that I have helped students achieve their goals
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