NTS and Deaf Awareness

As certified trainers, NoteTaking Solutions will work with you to deliver a Deaf Awareness Training Course to your Business, Educational Institution or Community Group to suit your particular requirements.

This deaf awareness training will help your staff and management have a better perception and understanding of deaf awareness issues in both educational and workplace environments. NTS covers the following topics in the their Deaf Awareness Training:

  • Causes and different levels of Deafness
  • What indicates if someone is Deaf or Hard of Hearing – for example a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person tends to sit forward and may have an intense facial expression
  • Different methods of communication
  • Deaf Culture from a Deaf perspective
  • Tips when communicating with a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Person – for example keep background noise to a minimum, do not shout but speak clearly and at a normal pace
  • Equipment used by Deaf and Hard of Hearing people


In a room of noisy people
My hearings made feeble
Don't turn away when you speak
For it's your face and lips I seek

Come take my hand
Please understand
The words are not clear
In my troubled ears

You don't need to shout
Or even spell it out
Let me be clear I can't hear

If you want me to know
Just face me; go slow
Now I can see words clear
That is the way I can hear

If you see my puzzled frown
Then: you must write it down
Don't worry if you look odd
I'm speech- reading; watch my nod


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