Real Time Electronic Communication, Video Transcript

Electronic Communication is a Live Reporting Service, for deaf or hard of hearing students whose first language is English. It provides a comprehensive summary of all verbal communication in lectures, tutorials, conferences and seminars. The Electronic NoteTaker, using two laptops and specialised wireless “Stereotype” software, attends the venue alongside the student. As the NoteTaker types the information, the student reads the transcript of the session on a second laptop. The resulting transcript can then be used as reference material or as comprehensive and quality assured notes. These notes are customised to suit each student and are emailed to them within 48 hours of each session.

Eoin Burns – Student, Cork Institute of Technology:

I’ve been with NoteTaking Solutions for 5 years. I’ve been doing 2 degrees; one in Civil Engineering and one in Construction Management, and they’ve been of great help to me. I’m able to follow the lecturer and also able to interact with the class.

Mary O’Grady – Disability Consultant – University College Cork:

The reason we would have engaged with NoteTaking Solutions is because they’re very consistent in delivery of notes, the quality of the notes is good and we have got this in feedback from the students that are in receipt of the notes. Certainly it would be my intention to recommend them as a service provider of NoteTaking, both to students with general disabilities and particularly then, the support that they have for deaf and hearing impaired students.

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