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Introduction – Notetaking Solutions

Established in 2005 by Liz O’Sullivan and Rose Quilter, Notetaking Solutions provides an Electronic Communication Service for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

…and also provides an Electronic Notetaking Service for people with Sensory, Motor or Specific Learning Disabilities, in a variety of venues in the Higher Education and PLC Sectors.

As a leading provider in Ireland and Internationally, NTS recently provided an Electronic Communication Service for the World Health Organisation at their headquarters in Geneva – where a transcription was projected onto an overhead screen, allowing delegates to follow the proceedings or the meeting in Real Time.

Sally Harvest – W.H.O. – Education Consultant:

Last year in Geneva, we invited Notetaking Solutions to provide Communication Support at a meeting in Geneva. There are approximately 60 delegates at a meeting coming from nearly 40 countries world-wide. The comments afterwards were that they heard and understood and participated at a much better level, by reading the text that was presented on-screen by NoteTaking Solutions.

Educational Services – Electronic Notetaking Service:

Electronic Communication is a Live Reporting Service, for deaf or hard of hearing students whose first language is English. It provides a comprehensive summary of all verbal communication in lectures, tutorials, conferences and seminars. The Electronic NoteTaker, using two laptops and specialised wireless “Stereotype” software, attends the venue alongside the student. As the NoteTaker types the information, the student reads the transcript of the session on a second laptop. The resulting transcript can then be used as reference material or as comprehensive and quality assured notes. These notes are customised to suit each student and are emailed to them within 48 hours of each session.

Eoin Burns – Student, Cork Institute of Technology:

I’ve been with NoteTaking Solutions for 5 years. I’ve been doing 2 degrees; one in Civil Engineering and one in Construction Management, and they’ve been of great help to me. I’m able to follow the lecturer and also able to interact with the class.

Mary O’Grady – Disability Consultant – University College Cork:

The reason we would have engaged with NoteTaking Solutions is because they’re very consistent in delivery of notes, the quality of the notes is good and we have got this in feedback from the students that are in receipt of the notes. Certainly it would be my intention to recommend them as a service provider of NoteTaking, both to students with general disabilities and particularly then, the support that they have for deaf and hearing impaired students.

Educational Services – Electronic NoteTaking Service

Notetaking Solutions also provides and Educational Support Service to students and adults with disabilities in Third Level or Further Adult Education. This includes students who are visually impaired, have mobility problems, dislexia, dispraxia or other long or short term medical conditions. An Electronic Notetaker provides a comprehensive set of notes, by typing at speed using a laptop at any of the following venues:

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conferences

Again, the resulting transcript is emailed to them, where it can be used as reference material or notes.

Colman McCarthy – University College Cork

From November 2006 till now, I have been availing of their services and I have to say, they have helped me out so much. Not only have they been reliable time-wise, they’ve also included all of the major points I need to know from each lecture in their notes, which has been fantastic for me for both revision and for assignment study. They’re just a great service and I would recommend them to anybody.

Siobhán Daly – Disability Officer – Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa

The main thing about NoteTaking Solutions is that they are a very professional service. They take the notes on the day and they’re emailed directly to the student that evening – so its the speed of the service thats very important to them. Its also a very discreet service, a lot of our students for instance would prefer that other students in the class, didn’t know that they had a NoteTaker, and the NoteTakers are very discreet in that sense.

Educational Services – Exam Transcription Service

This efficient and convenient service facilitates students who are unable to write exam scripts. The student has choice of 2 services:

  1. The Electronic NoteTaker transcribes the student’s exam answers using a laptop and reads the resulting script back to the student.
  2. The Electronic NoteTaker transcribes the student’s answers using two laptops enabling the student to view the exam transcript at Real Time as it is being typed.

Where the student requires extra time to complete their exam in a separate venue, the Electronic NoteTaker acts as Invigilator. The examination transcription service, facilitates students who require assistance to read an exam paper as the Electronic NoteTaker acts as both Reader and Invigilator in the separate exam venue.

Business Services – Electronic Communication Service

NoteTaking Solutions can provide your business with an Electronic Communication Service at Conferences, Seminars, Workshops or Meetings. Real Time transcripts are projected onto an overhead screen, making it accessible to all participants. NoteTaking Solutions then provides the client with comprehensive and objective transcripts presented to the client’s specifications.

Business Services – Electronic NoteTaking Service

NoteTaking Solutions can also provide an Electronic NoteTaking Service for your company for foreign delegates at conferences, seminars or meetings, whose first language is not necessarily English. NoteTaking Solutions then provides a transcript presented to the client’s specifications.

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