What is Real Time Electronic Communication?

An image of a laptop on a desk to signify Real Time Electronic Communication

It is a live reporting service for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing. It provides a transcript of verbal communication in professional and academic settings utilising networked laptop, monitor and dedicated software.

The communication Facilitator uses a networked laptop, monitor and Stereotype Software to provide this service. As the Communication Facilitator types the information into their laptop it is read simultaneously by the client on the monitor provided. The resulting transcript can be used as reference material or notes

All notes are…

  • Emailed within 48 hours of each session
  • Edited, spell checked and quality assured.
  • Comprehensive and objective



NoteTaking Solutions operators Rose and Liz have worked with me in my four years in Cork Institute of Technology where I studied for two degrees, -Civil Engineering and Construction Management. Working with them has been a rewarding experience. Rose and Liz have been efficient and professional, which has helped me to succeed in the Institute, for which I will be forever grateful.

Eoin Burns, Student

Civil Engineering at Cork Institute of Technology
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